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Global Leadership Masterclasses Now Available

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

For the past year, 11 dynamic coaches and the JCI World Headquarters team have been working hard to create a revolutionary way for enterprising young leaders to develop their skill sets. With the onset of new challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the world, and to combat difficulties presented by learning new skills remotely, the JCI Global Leadership Masterclasses were created!

The Global Leadership Masterclasses are a series of digital courses which will be organized into four different packages including Global Entrepreneur, Global Changemaker, Global Communicator and Global Networker, each aligned with one of JCI’s Four Areas of Opportunity.

With these in-depth courses and thanks to the expertise of the coaches involved, becoming an enterprising young leader will be easier than ever before. Within each course, participants will enjoy easy-to-absorb digital sessions, and those who purchase the Global Leadership Masterclasses can learn vital professional techniques wherever they are in the world. These classes will be open to members and non-members, but JCI members will be able to purchase them at a discounted rate!

Series 1 – Global Entrepreneur Masterclass

The first available course in this series, Global Entrepreneur Masterclass, is now available to JCI members who are registered on the JCI Virtual Community! Entrepreneurship is a vastly important focus and is one of the four Areas of Opportunity at JCI.

Through our flagship Creative Young Entrepreneur program, we encourage our members to exemplify how they have created businesses from the ground up and articulate their clear goals and vision while always having a view towards international expansion. It is by focusing on entrepreneurship that we can help members perfect their business models, marketing positions, strategies, and how their venture will begin to earn profit and become sustainable. This isn’t just a course on how to create your own business, but one designed with a global mindset, so that you can develop the tools and ambition to scale up your company quickly and internationally and why not become a JCI-inspired unicorn business.

The Global Entrepreneur Masterclass has a total of 17 different modules, structured in three easy to follow levels that members can participate in:

Each level will be released piecemeal to space out the information intake. So even though today you can pay for the full package, each level will be released on its own, unique start date listed below:

At launch, JCI members can exclusively access the course for only $75, and registration is already open! Access this Global Entrepreneur Masterclass registration link and be one of the first to experience this brand new learning adventure.

The 3 levels will be released as follows:

  1. Level 1 – Delivered 6 December

  2. Level 2 – Delivered 10 January

  3. Level 3 – Delivered 7 February

This topic will be taught by several professional JCI leaders including:

  • Saleh Al-Hanash – 2020 JCI Vice President, Expert in Healthcare Sector, Virtual Training, VR and E-learning Specialist

  • Jay Johnson – 2019 JCI Vice President, International Renowned Speaker and Forbes Business Council Member

  • Olena Prykhodko – 2021 JCI Vice President for Europe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Modelex Education Monaco

  • Unotida Nyoni – 2020 JCI Vice President, 2021 Foundation Committee Member for Africa and the Middle East, Founder and CEO of Grand Scale Consultancy

  • Ellimaija Ahonen – 2020 JCI Vice President, CEO of Learning Scoop, CEO and Co-Founder of LessonApp

  • Segun Aina – 2021 JCI Skills DC Member, Experienced Project Manager

  • Andy Lau – 2021 Marketing & Merchandising Chair/2020 JCI Vice President, Founder and CEO of Chariton Hotel Group

  • Diana Mardarovici – 2018 JCI Vice President, Business Development Consultant, JCI Senior Manager for Corporate Partnerships

  • Alejandra Castillo – 2021 SDC Chair/2019 JCI Vice President, Commercial Manager and Owner of FAREC’s Quimica Veterinaria

  • Ismail Haznedar – 2015 JCI President, Strategist and Managing Director of Stratejik Isler

  • Kevin Hin – JCI Secretary General

The Global Entrepreneur Masterclass is packed with real life experiences from the experts, so make sure to follow this link to purchase our newest sessions with an innovative JCI flair.

Make sure to keep your eyes open as the other topic courses are launched throughout the upcoming year!

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