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Peace is Possible

JCI is a non-political organization that is for people of all nationalities, and we must focus on solutions that impact and improve the lives and livelihoods of individuals first and foremost.

It is important while reacting to this situation that we focus on JCI’s core values and provide economic solutions to the areas that will be most affected. By focusing on solutions framed by the Four Areas of Opportunity, we can guide our members towards tangible and practical results, which will most benefit those who need support.

An official Statement release from JCI HQ (24th Feb 2022):

All members of JCI unite under the same vision for peace. This is a statement released by JCI National President Olga Khaustova:

Our JCI Foundation is build of like minded people who have a passion to develop themselves and support the communities around them. Nationality, Religion and Colour are not seen as barriers or are judged - we are all people and we treat each other how we would like to be treated. We are stronger together!

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